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Tonnage Measurement

When a vessel is applying for part one British registration, it will require a Tonnage Measurement Survey (TMS). As a YDSA tonnage measurer, I carry out these surveys on a wide variety of craft.

The TMS can be done afloat or ashore, although ashore is more accurate, and involves the surveyor collecting key data from the vessel. This information is then forwarded to the YDSA for submission to the Register of Shipping and Seamen in Cardiff.

To initiate the process, the client fills in the tonnage measurement application and makes the appropriate payment, both on the YDSA website. Please ensure that BERNARD MERRYWEATHER is listed as the surveyor nominated at the bottom of page one of the form. The YDSA will then contact me to arrange the inspection.

Contrary to popular belief tonnage is nothing to do with the weight of a vessel. It’s roots are in taxation and harbour dues based on a vessels ability to carry cargo. This was measured in barrels of oil or wine (depending on who's version you read). The old name for a barrel was the tun. Next time you pass a pub called The Three Tuns, look at the sign outside. Therefore the number of tuns a vessel could carry was known as its Tunnage. Over the years this has been changed to tonnage as we know it today.

MCA Code of Practise for Small Commercial Vessels compliance surveys.

Any UK registered vessel wishing to take part in commercial activity, chartering for example, must comply with the MCA Code of Practise for Small Commercial Vessel. As a YDSA nominated surveyor I am authorised to carry out coding surveys on GRP vessels up to 24m in load line length.

The process has three steps and involves an initial inspection of the vessel. Following this visit a non-compliance list is sent to the vessels owner or managing agent. When all the necessary amendments have been made a final inspection is carried out to confirm compliance with the Marine Guidance Notice MGN 280.

The necessary documentation is then forwarded to the YDSA for processing.

Please contact me for a competitive quotation for coding. Guidance as to what alterations or additions may be required to meet the code is given as part of the service.