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To assist the surveyor to carry out a full and proper survey the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Ensure that the vessel is out of the water at least 24 hours prior to the survey and is securely chocked. Ideally, the yard should be able to relaunch the boat after the surveyor has completed the lower hull and running gear inspection.
  • The keys should be available and the surveyor should know where they are!
  • All batteries should be connected and charged. If possible shorepower should be connected.
  • All documentation (registration, insurance, invoices for work done etc) should be available to the surveyor, preferably on board at the time of the survey.
  • To ensure good access to the bilge, all screwed down floor panels should be unscrewed. Generally, the surveyor will not carry out any disassembly.
  • Loose items other than safety gear should be removed, to provide better access to the interior of the hull.
  • If a sea trial is to be included, a skipper will be required. Although the surveyor is a qualified skipper himself, he cannot drive the boat and check the engine bay at the same time.

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